Tuesday and Wednesday, October 7 and 7, 2013

NAAEE’s annual Research Symposium brings the academic community together to explore the current state and future directions of environmental education research and to advance the use of practices proven to be effective. More than a hundred new and experienced researchers from North America and beyond will converse on emerging and traditional areas of environmental education research.

The 2014 NAAEE Research Symposium will facilitate discussion about ongoing research, foster dialogue about research-community partnerships, and provide opportunities for graduate students to develop the skills needed to become professional researchers.


Ellen McCallie
Reflecting on Our Careers: Circuitous Paths to Successful Careers

Ellen McCallie, PhD, is a program director in the Division of Research on Learning at the National Science Foundation. Originally trained as a tropical ecologist, Ellen has worked across the field of informal science education, in botanical gardens, natural history museums, science television, museum administration, and a national center. In the midst of these endeavors—and mid-career—Ellen returned to graduate school to study science education.

For years people have had two reactions to Ellen McCallie’s career path. One was, “Given the random things you’ve done, why would anyone hire you?” The second was, “Wow, we need someone with the breadth and depth of your experience. When can you start?” This session reflects on choosing a seemingly circuitous career path and the decisions we make along the way—and why. The workshop format means that while Ellen’s experiences may start the conversation, your career trajectory and next adventures are at the heart of this session. 

Note: The Research Symposium is not included with conference registration and requires a separate registration fee. We hope you will attend both the Research Symposium and the conference, but you are welcome to register for either on its own.

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