2015 Jeske Award Winner
Kay Antunez, California

Photo courtesy of Kyle Dykes

The highest honor NAAEE bestows is the Walter E. Jeske Award. This award was established to honor Walt Jeske, Chief of the Education and Publications Unit with the U.S. Soil Conservation Service. Jeske was a dedicated member of the NAAEE Board of Directors and outstanding environmental educator until his untimely death in 1981. The award is given to recognize service to NAAEE and leadership within the field of environmental education. Tradition calls for each year's recipient to present the award in the following year.


  • An active NAAEE member with at least five years of membership
  • Occupies, or has occupied, a leadership role in NAAEE and has made leadership contributions to the field of EE in addition to contributions emanating directly from his/her salaried duties.
  • Must have received clear recognition of her/his overall contributions among EE colleagues and within NAAEE
  • Must have served at least 15 years in the field of EE.

Previous Winners

2015: Kay Antunez, California

2014: Dr. Diane Cantrell, Ohio, Award Presentation

2013: Joe E. Heimlich, Ohio, Award Presentation

2012: Karen Hollweg, Colorado, Award Presentation and Bio

2011: Rosanne Fortner, North Carolina, Press Release

2010: Tom Marcinkowski, Florida Institute of Technology, "Acknowledgements and Reflections," by Dr. Tom Marcinkowski

2009: Brenda Weiser, University of Houston-Clear Lake

2008: Martha Monroe, University of Florida

2007: Joseph A. Baust, Sr., Murray State University

2006: Terry Wilson, Western Kentucky University (WKU News Press Release)

2005: Elaine Andrews, U of Wisconsin at Madison

2004: Judy Braus, World Wildlife Fund

2003: Carol Fialkowski, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, IL

2002: Paul Hart, University of Regina

2001: Ted Mills, Oklahoma State University

2000: Bora Simmons, Northern Illinois University

1999: Trudi Volk, Southern Illinois University

1998: Chuck Hopkins, UNESCO, Toronto, ON

1997: Kathy McGlauflin, Project Learning Tree

1996: Lori Mann, Coyote Point Museum & Talbert Spence, National Audubon Society

1995: Gus Medina, Environmental Education and Training Partnership (EETAP)

1994: John Judy, The Tennessee Valley Authority

1993: Rich Mrazek, University of Lethbridge

1992: Richard Wilke, University of Wisconsin Stevens-Point

1990: Edward J. McCrea, US Fish & Wildlife Service

1991: Joan C. Heidelberg, Brukner Nature Center

1989: Lillabelle Holt, University of Alaska

1988: Robert E. Roth, The Ohio State University

1987: William B. Stapp, University of Michigan

1986: Rudolph J. H. Schafer, California Department of Education

1985: David L. Hanselman, State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry

1984: John F. Disinger, The Ohio State University

1983: Harold R. Hungerford, Southern Illinois University

1982: Clay Schoenfeld, University of Wisconsin