Our Vision

Our vision is a sustainable world where environmental and social responsibility drive individual and institutional choices.

Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate environmental literacy and civic engagement through the power of environmental education.

Our Strategies

Our strategies are based on more than five decades of research about what motivates individuals and communities to learn, take action, and create positive societal change. They are also based on the latest thinking about what makes associations and non-governmental organizations more effective, and how to collaboratively and effectively scale up our collective impact.

Annually, we will work with our board, affiliates, organizational members, individual members, and other colleagues to complete an implementation plan, including fundraising targets and other needed resources. Measures of success are five-year targets. They will be revised periodically as needed.

Strategic Goals

NAAEE is a force multiplier for the field. We achieve greater impact by working with our Affiliate Network, our partners, and our individual and organizational members to create change at all levels of society. Our strategy focuses on these three broad strategies to advance environmental literacy:

  1. Driving Excellence: NAAEE sets the standards for the Environmental Education field. We promote excellence and impact through the dissemination of guidelines, research, tools, and professional programs.
  2. Cultivating Collective Impact: We unite the field in a collaborative, inclusive pursuit of innovative public education and engagement strategies. We provide learning opportunities for the EE community—from an annual international conference to online forums, regional gatherings, and other opportunities for learning, sharing, and promoting best practices.
  3. Mobilizing Multi-Sector Support: We work to galvanize global support for the field and to advocate on behalf of environmental education to strengthen state, federal, and international policies that drive environmental literacy and civic engagement